Survey of Resources

The Children in Permaculture (CiP) team are happy to share our “Survey of Resources” published online and freely accessible for all. The Survey of Resources is a very thorough review of existing resources of appropriate content about engaging children in permaculture. It reviews 316 resources (books, films, websites, lesson plans etc) in 5 languages, including resources explicitly about engaging children in permaculture as well as resources relevant to that field. Please click here  to download it.

We aim to disseminate the Survey to all project partners, members of the network, parents and educators worldwide who work with children in permaculture in formal, non-formal or informal ways. The majority of the document has been written in English, though there is an appendix for each of the four national languages about resources available in that language.

The Survey features the Children in Permaculture curriculum which was created by adapting a standard Permaculture Design Course (PDC) curriculum for adults. The broad range of topics which can be taught on a PDC were collated into six broad themes to give a coherent structure to our work and resources. These themes are: Introducing Permaculture, Living Nature, Designing, Growing Food, Built Environment and Resource Use, and Social Permaculture. The Survey describes resources recommended for each theme, and notes which topics require further research. We invite you to download our survey from our website and hope it will be of inspiration to you, as it has been to us.