What the Content Team Has Been Up To

As the CIP team is always busy working on many many things at the same time, it’s no wonder that in the beginning of April, while the Survey of Resources was being polished ready to be published online, we were also developing the forthcoming intellectual outputs – case studies and curricula with associated session plans, activities, handouts and other educational resources.


The Survey of Resources was essential background to writing the session plans, as we identified topics where there is lots of information already, and topics which require further research. This enabled us to concentrate our limited resources developing new materials. Every partner organisation is currently working on one or two main themes of the curriculum and creating their first two session plans – one for each age group. These first attempts are going to be useful to get more clarity on the format of session plans and the database which will contain them. There is much work to be done on this intellectual output for the next year, and it will form the basis of the manual the following year.

The case studies are intended to capture the imagination of the reader and inspire them to lead activities engaging children in permaculture. They should be available on our website by the year end, in December 2016.


With inspiring activities underway we are grateful for the wonderful opportunity to be part of this process, in widening the horizon for permaculture education.