Transnational Meeting (TNM) Scotland

Transnational Meeting in Scotland

The last transnational meeting of the Children in Permaculture project took place in September 2017 in Gatehouse of Fleet in Scotland, just after the end of the Children in Permaculture Advanced peer-to-peer training. The main topics to be discussed were the manual, database and the Conference in Czech Republic in May 2018.

We reviewed the first printed draft of our manual and gave feedback on the design of the layout and content. We planned next steps to finalise the manual over the next few months.

What is else is happening in the project?

Within the project we not only work with children but we also make children! In January this year the first baby boy was born in Italy. At the training in Scotland there were planned to be 4 pregnant women – from Czech Republic, England, Romania and Slovenia! Unfortunately one woman was unable to attend due to problems with the pregnancy, but there were still 3 pregnant ladies, 1 baby and 2 children! We can’t wait to meet all these new children, perhaps at the CiP international conference in Czech Republic.

CiP at IPC in India

As you may know, the International Permaculture Conference and Convergence this year will take place in India in Hyderabad- Telangana from the 25th of November until the 2nd December, hosted by Aranya Agricultural Alternatives. Francesca Simonetti, one of our Italian team, will be there to present CiP giving a little taste of our activities during the convergence. If you are planning to attend the IPC, please do join her.