About Us

Children in Permaculture started with a 3-year project funded through Erasmus+ Key Action 2: School Education.

The partnership being across 5 countries: UK, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Italy.

CiP is an innovative project of international cooperation bringing together key educators (from different schools, nurseries, practices and countries) in order to cross-fertilise, share and synthesise ideas, which will strengthen the capacities of all involved.

This international exchange developed, tested, adapted and implemented practices in permaculture education with children. We:

  • developed a permaculture curriculum suitable for children
  • created well designed materials for educators
  • collected and create an open education resource
  • fostered a cohesive society through learning with people from other countries and cooperation between formal and informal education settings
  • shared best practice and new perspectives on designing kindergartens and schools, and promote better outdoor learning experiences for children.