Catalogue of Resources

Below is a list of books, films, websites, lesson plans, songs and other resources which can help educators (teachers, parents, forest school leaders etc.) to find out more and exchange ideas about engaging children in permaculture.

Do scroll down so you can see all 205 entries!!!

Also, if you scroll to the right you can see all of the headings which are: The title of the book/website, the author, a link to the resource, the date the resource was created, a short description written by one of our educators, what type of resources it is (e.g. is it a website, book etc), which theme of the CiP curriculum it relates to, and whether it is more relevant to formal educators (e.g. schools), non-formal (e.g. permaculture teachers) or informal (e.g. parents).

This list was updated in November 2021 by a most appreciated volunteer. Do get in touch if you would like to volunteer to improve any of the resources on the website!