Children in Permaculture Conference

4 - 5 May 2018

This conference will showcase the Children in Permaculture project’s innovative resources including case studies, films, session plans, activities and the manual for engaging children in permaculture. The people presenting will be educators, lecturers, teachers, pedagogues, children and permaculturists from throughout Europe: from Scotland to Romania. A diverse range of presentations and workshops will cover topics including creating an outdoor learning space, the Children in Permaculture pedagogy and how to connect outdoor learning with the school curriculum. During the second day we will visit a school garden which demonstrates permaculture in action.




Location:   Prague, Czech Republic
Day 1:  May 4th 2018
Environmental centre Toulcův dvůr 
Day 2: May 5th 2018
School Na Beranku
Conference languages will be English and Czech.
Limited number of participants.



  • gain new skills, tools and resources about engaging children in permaculture;
  • be able to network with permaculture and pedagogical professionals from all over Europe;
  • go away with a copy of the Children in Permaculture Manual;
  • meet other people with interests and skills in this emerging field;
  • get some great ideas about how to enable more children to engage in permaculture at policy, individual and organisational (including schools and kindergarten) levels;
  • visit Prague, the city of a hundred towers and discover the green valley between them;
  • and much more.





Whether you are a school or kindergarten teacher, a headteacher, a governmental policy-maker, a permaculture teacher, trainer or tutor, or if you represent a children’s or outdoor learning NGO, this conference will interest you.


  1. Register as a participant, you can do this using this online form, then make a donation at the appropriate level. See details below.
  2. If you would like to present your work within the fields of permaculture with children, outdoor learning or environmental education please fill out this form.



Juliet Robertson

Juliet is one of Scotland’s leading education consultants who specialises in outdoor learning and play. She works at a national and international level delivering training, giving keynote speeches, leading and supporting innovative outdoor projects and writing content for websites, documents and case studies.
She is passionate about enabling schools, play organisations and early years settings to provide quality outdoor learning and play opportunities for children and young people.
Juliet is author of Dirty Teaching: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Outdoors (2014) and Messy Maths (2017).
She is currently one of the trustees of Stramash, an outdoor organisation which has three fantastic outdoor nurseries in some of the most beautiful parts of Scotland. More about Juliet.


Petr Daniš

Petr is the director of the Educational Centre TEREZA, one of the best-known Czech eco-centres, and the president of the Network of Environmental Education Centres Pavučina in the Czech Republic. He is a member of working groups for environmental education and education for sustainable development on national and international level.
He focuses his work on children and nature, education and environmental protection. He is puzzled by why children play, how they learn and why they need to relate to nature and the world around us in order to develop and prosper.
He wrote a book (in Czech) Children Outside in Nature: Endangered Species? (2016)
TEREZA is a Czech national operator of the international environmental education programs Eco-Schools, GLOBE, Learning about Forests (LEAF) and a leader of the national campaings Get Outside and We Are Learning Outdoors. Apart from it TEREZA hosts a Regional Coordination Office of the GLOBE Program for European and Eurasian area.


The registrations for the conference will start on Thursday afternoon for those who will arrive early. Registration desk will also be open on Friday morning before the official start of the program at 9am. The program finishes on Saturday evening and departures are on Sunday. On Sunday we are also preparing an optional tour of Prague for those who want to stay longer. More detailed programme will be published here soon.


Our conference is taking place at two different location in Prague. The first day we will spend at Toulcův dvůr (Kubatova 32/1, Praha 10) and the second day at Montessori school Na Beránku (Pertoldova 3373/51, Praha 12).

The first day of the conference will be hosted in Toulcuv Dvur in the middle of Prague. A beautiful farm used as an ecological centre, surrounded by an extensive natural area including alluvial forest. It is an old farmstead base of several NGOs cooperating together - an educational eco-centre for children, eco-kindergarten, farm with animals, shop with local products, restaurant which is a social enterprise of people with disabilities, accomodation for 37 people and a number of different halls and rooms to hire.
The centre regularly hosts events focusing on creativity, nature and traditions, especially for families with children.

The second day of the conference will take place in the Montessori school Na Beránku in Prague. An inspiring example of a school with a big garden to visit and learn from as everything in the garden was designed and implemented by children. The garden includes different elements including raised beds for vegetables, a strawberry hill, composting area, pond with a wooden bridge and also a round strawbale building (that was also created by children).
Children from the school will offer a tour of their garden and you will be able to experience some hand-on workshops related to Children in Permaculture materials.


We invite you to book accommodation in Prague on your own. We recommend you to do it well in advance. Recommended places you can find on this link , including the connections to our venues with public transport. We can also provide a place to camp at the venue for free for a limited number of participants (with access to toilets and kitchen, but no bath or shower). If you would like to camp, you will need to bring your own equipment including a 1-4 man tent (not bigger) and please consider the weather conditions which are changeable at this time of year: temperatures are around 10°-15°C.


You can come to the conference with your children. There will be a children's area for children of age 3-12 with various age-appropriate activities during the conference. Children under 3 should be with their parents all the time. If parents with these kids need some space, they can join to other children in kids area.


For more information or any questions please write to Tereza Velehradská - velehradska(at)




Type of participant

(recommended donation)

Prices (€)

One day only participant fee (€)

Early bird (registration and payment done till the end of January 20p18) and Low waged (up to €12,000)



Unwaged (students etc). Limited number, all given away.



Group discount for groups of people from one organization/school 3+

40 per person


Good wage/organisations/ pay it forward



Standard/ Waged




Take into consideration bank transfer fees so you need to send donation + bank fees (around 5% of donation). After registration, wait for an e-mail with more information, including bank details for bank transfers.



The costs of the conference are high, and yet we want the conference to be available to people whatever their income. Therefore we have created a pricing structure which can enable fair share - people can attend whatever their income level. Please remember that these are suggested amounts, so if you feel that paying the amount recommended for your income level would prevent you from attending, please contact us to discuss.


  • Good wage/organisations/ pay it forward - Pay this amount if your organisation/school is paying. For every person who pays this rate, one more person will be able to attend paying only the unwaged fee.
  • Waged  - This is the standard fee.
  • Low waged/early bird - For people on a low income (up to €12,000 per annum), and those who are on a standard wage and book before the end of January 2018.
  • Unwaged - For people without an income (students, unemployed etc). This opportunity is no longer available as we had a limited number, however more will be made available if someone else pays at the highest level (pay it forward). Please apply, if there are currently no places available for unwaged you will be placed on a waiting list. When someone ‘pays it forward’ the person on the top of the waiting list (on a first come, first served basis) will be offered the unwaged band.


  1. Register as a participant, you can do this using this online form, then make a donation at the appropriate level.
  2. If you would like to present your work within the fields of permaculture with children, outdoor learning or environmental education please fill out this form.


Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your registration.

This allows time for people who may not have been able to get a ticket originally, to organise their lives so they can come to the conference. It also helps the staff and volunteer teams to manage their workload and give clear information to caterers and others involved with the event.

Refund of donation is not possible.