Friday Evening Presentations

Permaculture – theory and practice

Monika Janáková / Czech Republic / in Czech

I deal with the concept of permaculture in the context of environmental education (EE). Permaculture as a concept lies on the periphery of theoretical discussions in EE, at the moment it is more of a tool of practical EE rather than a component of EE theory.This presentation is about permaculture theory and practice.

Permakultura CS – Czech permaculture organisation

Ivana Mertová / Czech Republic / in Czech

I want to show how Permakultura CS works a how we promote and spread permaculture in Czech Republic. We organize courses, publish and sell books, spread our mission on public events and also we have a map of permaculture projects in Czech Republic. We also implemented principles of sociocracy.

PLUCK – Permaculture Learning and Upcycling Campus for Kids

Tina Lymberis & Ilias Petropoulos / Greece / in English

Amidst the chaos, complexity and collapse, we are creating a space where children, teenagers and their parents can experience a diversity of activities (upcycling, gardening, constructions, cooking, composting, wild-food foraging, yoga, dancing, connecting with the local community, etc, etc) so they can discover what they like doing, understand themselves better and take control of their lives. Our ultimate goal is to co-create communities of abundance, where we are free to do what we love!

Landmatters Permaculture Community and Catkins children’s group

Maren and Richard Freeland / UK / in English

Landmatters Permaculture Community – we are founder members of this community and will tell the tales of setting up and living off-grid in community, while home educating our 2 boys. We will share of our experience of running a weekly nature connection children’s group and of our aspirations for the future.

Permaculture as an Inspiration for Self-empowerment

Dessi Krüger / Switzerland / in English

Permaculture has strong political message in a world marked by inequity. Often children are led by societal expectations and not by fostering of their individual talents. This presentation pursue the urgent discussion on self-empowerment and argues that permaculture can often give as a sound basis for pragmatic action.