The feedback from participants on the Introduction to Engaging Children in Permaculture course has been fantastic!

Here are some snippets from the question

“What went well over the course?”


“Inspiring presentations, opportunities to share, wealth of resources, case studies and practical advice”

“tech, break-out-Rooms, presentations, intro-round at the beginnings, Timing (Always started and ended in time), covered not too much and not too less content – just right, internationality of the group was so amazing, right balance of Inputs and group discussions! REALLY AMAZING ONLINE COURSE!”

“The whole course was great”

“The abundance of informations, tools and inspirations”

“I always enjoy the variety of backgrounds of people on Permaculture courses, being online this meant that this was widened to other countries as well.”

“interaction via zoom was better than i expected, content was clear and relevent and interesting”

“The presentations were quality and the participants brought a lot of experience and energy.”

“Making connections with others, delivery method, good presentations, interesting getting to know more about permaculture and connections with current work”

“Everything….love the content, breadth of knowledge, awesome peers, well facilitated”

When asked “How would you evaluate Lusi Alderslowe and Nim Robins as course leaders?” There were 17 responses, here they all are:

  • 150 out of 10!! I feel so grateful
  • They are brilliant! They make you feel confident about participating even when you have less experience than others
  • Inspiring!
  • excellent!
  • Great
  • Dream team!
  • Excellent
  • Really effective and responsive team , making everyone feel valued
  • Fantastic, knowledgeable, engaging, genuinely passionate about what they are doing, and very good at listening to what was being shared
  • Awesome!!! Great team.
  • Very friendly, engaging, knowledgeable
  • Fab 🙂
  • 5/5
  • Really great teachers, very confident, smart, enjoyable, sensitive. great rolemodels!
  • Excellent team!
  • Excellent leaders and communicators