Curriculum with associated session plans, activities, handouts and other educational resources

This innovative resource is aimed at educators who want to find ways to convey essential information to children about sustainability, climate change and natural science in a way which is fun, engaging and memorable. We use innovative techniques and pedagogical approaches to captivate pupils in science investigations, using literacy and numeracy skills in ways which are relevant and engaging, and performing creatively as they use and adapt to changes in their environment.
Read the Children in Permaculture CURRICULUM HERE

The lead organisation, the Permaculture Association (Britain), has developed a curriculum over 30 years which is essential for teaching permaculture to adults. During the project we organised this curriculum into different themes, topics and subtopics into the new Children in Permaculture Curriculum, which you can read in our book entitled ‘Earth Care People Care and Fair Share in Education: The Children in Permaculture Manual’. You can buy it here, or read it for free online here.Our aim for this output is that children grow up knowing and understanding the basic principles of nature, sustainability, and science and how to design their lives to take care of other people and other species on our planet, whilst taking only a fair share of available resources.

The SESSION PLAN called Treasure Map is here.

The SESSION PLAN called Sharing is Caring is here.