The Children in Permaculture vision is that Humans are living in harmony with each other and nature, and all children can access an education based upon the ethics of earth care, people care and fair share.


Our mission is creating and giving the tools to empower children, parents, educators and other people who work with children to integrate permaculture into education and their lives through:

– Creating and supporting Children in Permaculture networks

– Organising local, national, and international events

– Compiling, creating and disseminating resources for sharing permaculture with children

– Providing and facilitating training and skill sharing for engaging children in permaculture

– Engaging children in opportunities to learn from nature

Children in Permaculture started with a 3-year project funded through Erasmus+ Key Action 2: School Education and

The original partnership was across 5 countries: UK, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Italy.

CiP is an innovative project of international cooperation bringing together key educators (from different schools, nurseries, practices and countries) in order to cross-fertilise, share and synthesise ideas, which will strengthen the capacities of all involved.

This international exchange developed, tested, adapted and implemented practices in permaculture education with children. We:

  • developed a permaculture curriculum suitable for children
  • created well designed materials for educators
  • collected and create an open education resource
  • fostered a cohesive society through learning with people from other countries and cooperation between formal and informal education settings
  • shared best practice and new perspectives on designing kindergartens and schools, and promote better outdoor learning experiences for children.