Children in Permaculture Trainers in Scotland have been working with the Education and Learning Directorate in Dumfries & Galloway Council, to support primary school teachers throughout the region to take their learning outdoors. As with all good permaculture designs, we started with Survey: We sent a survey to all 600 primary school staff and received 70 responses, 97% of whom agree that it would be good for the children to spend more time outdoors than they currently are. We collated resources for Scottish school staff about the benefits of outdoor learning, activities, case studies, practical guidance, funding and improving outdoor spaces which you can see here. There is also a survey of parents taking place now. We collectively wrote an Outdoor Learning Statement which the council is adopting, and currently working with Dumfries & Galloway Outdoor and Woodland Learning Group (DGOWL) to deliver outdoor learning training to teachers in the autumn.
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The summary report of the Teacher Survey on Outdoor Learning Report
A summary of the useful resources for Scottish school teachers

The Google Drive folder with all the resources collated is here

The Local Authority Outdoor Learning Statement is here: DG Outdoor Learning_Statement